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The Ultimate Guide to Embracing Rustic Grade Hardwood Flooring


Hardwood flooring is prized for its timeless beauty and lasting value. While higher grades deliver a polished look, there’s an undeniable charm to rustic grade hardwood flooring. With its prominent knots, vibrant colour streaks, and characterful variation, it creates a down-to-earth warmth and personality. If you love the imperfections that tell a story, then rustic grade hardwood offers a budget-friendly alternative to a pristine, uniform aesthetic.

This type of flooring, rich in character, offers a durable and cost-effective solution for those seeking to infuse their spaces with the charm of natural wood. By embracing its unique features, homeowners can create inviting interiors that tell a story, blending seamlessly with a variety of design aesthetics from traditional farmhouses to modern urban lofts.

What is Rustic Grade Hardwood Flooring?

Rustic grade is an official designation in the hardwood grading classification system. It refers to wood that displays a higher degree of natural imperfections compared to other grades. These imperfections include prominent knots, colour variation, and other character marks that give it a raw, unrefined look. This grade is a legitimate and cost-effective option for authentic hardwood flooring, specifically suitable for indoor residential use.

Rustic hardwood shines in spaces where you want a sense of history and warmth. Cabins, farmhouses, and vintage-inspired homes love it for traditional charm. Even modern spaces find surprising beauty in its imperfections, and its raw-looking texture creates stunning accent walls.

The Grading System

The hardwood industry uses a grading system to classify boards based on visual appearance. “Clear” or “select” grades are the most uniform, while rustic grade is on the opposite end of the scale, embracing the most natural character marks the tree provides.

FAS grade represents the highest quality of hardwood, characterized by its long lengths and minimal defects, offering a pristine appearance. These superior grade planks are ideal for detailed trim work and crafting fine furniture pieces such as cabinets, chairs, and tables. 

FAS One Face and Select boards, also known as SAB boards, are selected for the optimal quality of one face, ensuring clarity and consistent colour. FAS1F or F1F grade is particularly suited for crafting doors and cabinet face frames. 

The No. 1 or #1 common grade hardwood is versatile for a myriad of applications. The minimum dimensions for these boards are 3 inches by 4 feet, with approximately two-thirds of the surface being defect-free. 

Often referred to as #2, tavern, or cabin grade, rustic grade hardwood is noted for its less refined surface compared to natural grade flooring. It typically comes in varying lengths, which may be shorter than standard commodity flooring lengths, with about half of the cuttings being clear of defects.

The Benefits of Rustic Grade Hardwood

Rustic hardwood floors adds a certain charm to the interiors

Species Options for Rustic Grade Flooring

Rustic grade offers numerous possibilities to create a distinct look for your home, and its natural charm pairs beautifully with various design styles. If you’re wondering how to style rustic hardwood floors, consider the versatility they offer! 

Considerations Before Buying Rustic Hardwood

Rustic hardwoods are known for their natural imperfections

Design Inspiration

Whether aiming for a cozy cottage feel or a sleek, modern aesthetic, seek out rustic hardwood flooring design ideas for versatile design possibilities. 

Rustic grade hardwood adds undeniable personality and a touch of the natural world to any space. It’s the perfect way to achieve a stunning, long-lasting hardwood floor without breaking the bank, all while embracing the unique beauty that lies within imperfections. With careful planning and skilled installation, rustic grade hardwood transforms your home into a haven of warmth and authenticity. 

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