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Floor Sanding in Toronto

Your wood flooring is designed to last, but over time the dust and scratches can take their toll and leave it looking worn and damaged. That’s where we come in. We provide hardwood floor sanding and finishing to spruce up your floors and make them good as new.

Advantages of Floor Sanding

Wooden floors may last a significantly long time. However, they still need a certain level of maintenance to preserve their appearance and stability while commanding a higher market value. Floor sanding allows you to just that. No matter the type of wood flooring you have, you can reap the following benefits:

  • Luxurious sheen – Together with proper maintenance, sanding wooden floors can restore the brightness of your floor surfaces and sustain their elegance and appeal.
  • Minimal dirt and discolouration – Sanding removes the dust, dirt, and stains that may have accumulated on the surface. It keeps your floors smooth and clean at all times.
  • Increased durability – Well-maintained floors, when sanded, can last decades longer.
  • Better indoor air quality – Sanding eliminates the build-up of pollutants from your floors. This can result in cleaner air. preventing allergies and respiratory health issues while increasing comfort.

Take Advantage of Professional Wooden Floor Sanding

Sanding and refinishing is a great way to make your existing floor surfaces look as good as new. Leave it to us to provide excellent wood floor sanding services for your Toronto property.

  • Dust-Free Wood Floor Sanding

Sanding is typically a dusty job, However, getting Capital Hardwood Flooring to do the job will allow you to take advantage of our dust-free floor sanding techniques. We have cutting-edge tools and expertise to contain the dust and keep it from spreading throughout the house — ideal for those with allergies.

Trust Capital Hardwood Flooring to help you choose the right finish

  • Quality Finishes

The job doesn’t stop with sanding and treating your floors. When that’s done, it’s time to choose a finish that brings out the best in your wood. We will remove all the dents and scratches, and restore that beautiful hardwood floor you remember. As a responsible floor sanding company, we’re here to assist every step of the way. We’ll lend our expertise to find the appropriate finish to go with your floor, taking into account traffic volume, materials, and personal taste.

  • A Wide Array of Staining Options

Staining can add depth to your floor’s aesthetics and enhance its appeal. Our team has a wealth of experience with custom colour requests. You can trust us to help you find just the right colour to beautify your freshly-sanded floor.

  • Increased Protection

Refinishing will make your floors last longer and slow down the progression of wear. Our skilled technicians will help preserve the integrity of your floors and make maintenance much easier.

Reach out to us for quality sanding and finishing you can trust

When it comes to jobs like hardwood sanding and refinishing, turn to experienced technicians equipped with the know-how, skills, and equipment. Capital Hardwood Flooring is ready and willing to put our tools, training, and experience at your disposal. We will assess your home and find the right approach to restoring your floor’s original lustre.

For high-quality Toronto floor sanding and refinishing services to help spruce up your flooring, call us now at (416) 536-2200. To view the superb workmanship of our craftsmen firsthand, visit our showroom.

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