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6 Reasons to Choose White Oak Hardwood Flooring


Oak tree flooring has recently gained popularity in modern designs. With its earthy and warm colours, it gives your house a more rustic and cozy feel. Among the variety of hardwood options, white oak flooring stands out as one of the best. It can easily be mistaken for other natural oak hardwood flooring types, but there is a significant difference.

Find out what makes white oak hardwood flooring special.

White Oak vs. Red Oak

White oak is often imported

Abundant in the forests of Northern America and Europe, oak has been extensively used in the construction industry for years. The benefits of oak wood flooring are plenty, ranging from affordability, durability, and versatility. However, there are 2 species of oak wood that consumers prefer: white and red oak. To the naked eye, these might seem identical. However, white oak has unique characteristics that make it the superior choice.

White oak boasts smoother grains and darker, with a yellow or brown tint compared to the pinkish undertones of red oak. Its warm tones can give a space more character and make it more welcoming. On another note, white oak flooring in Canada may be slightly more expensive than the other, depending on the supply and demand.

Advantages of White Oak Flooring

Here are the 6 advantages natural white oak flooring has over other flooring varieties:

1.Durable and Resilient

White oak is harder than red oak

The test of hardwood flooring durability depends greatly on the lumber’s hardness. Measured through the Janka Hardness Scale, white oak flooring hardness lies in the 1,360 range in contrast to red oak which is in the 1,290 range. This shows that white oak is significantly more durable. However, it is important to note that both oak types possess sufficient hardness for good quality oakwood flooring.

For a more comprehensive hardness assessment, you can assess additional factors, like origin. Ato architects, one white oak variety isn’t necessarily as strong as another. White oak from the Appalachian Mountains are lower quality compared to the northern equivalent. Additionally, European white oak flooring is considered stronger than American white oak. Choose the variety with high heart content, long length, and tight growth rings that indicate its maturity.

2.Modern and Chic

With its finer grains, the “modern” white oak flooring can make a home or office more lively and chic. Its tight growth rings and uniform flow pattern caused by the abundant mineral streak in its vessels create this gorgeous linear pattern. All these characteristics result in the perfect blend of classic and rustic. If you are looking for an elegant yet homespun aesthetic, white oak hardwood is for you.

3.Tight and Water Resistant

The unique pores of white oak makes it more resistant to water

Your hardwood flooring choices should be a lifetime decision. Before picking the best material for your home, always consider the lumber’s vulnerability to element exposure. White oak flooring is more water-resistant than red oak, due to its fine, tyloses-clogged pores, making it the better, long-lasting choice.

There are different types of white oak finishing, each with its own strengths. There is white oak laminate flooring with a photographic top layer and a more sheen look. This type is more water-resistant due to the hydrophobic chemical top layer. There is also the white oak engineered hardwood that has a solid wood on the top layer giving your home a more natural aesthetic.

Solid European white oak flooring, on the other hand, has stronger layers of wood. It has the same toughness as the white oak engineered flooring, but the latter is more eco-friendly since it uses fewer wood planks. All of these are water resistant and are not easily subjected to wear and tear. The only big differences between them include cost, aesthetics, and eco-friendliness.

4.Staining VersatilityStaining lasts longer on white oak

White oak hardwood flooring can last for a long time without losing its stains and natural colouring. Aged white oak flooring will not turn dark as some people might think, so you don’t have to worry about depreciating assets. The best thing about white oak is that it enhances the stain it acquires. Due to its natural pigments, it can sufficiently absorb any gray, white, and dark stains for a more modern finish.

5.Shade Choices

Versatile and diverse, white oak flooring has an extensive range of shade choices. You can opt for light wood floor colours by whitewashing your lumber that accentuates a muted and natural look. Medium wood floor shades usually come darker tones of brown and can give your home a modern, rustic vibe. Dark wood floors are best achieved by staining your white oak with darker pigments so it exudes elegance.

Do oak floors lighten with age? The answer is yes. Hardwood floors, no matter the type, tend to lighten over time. This will heavily depend on its exposure to sunlight, rainwater, and humidity. To delay this process and preserve the original shade of your floors, you can hire experts to maintain it.


White oak flooring is a cost-effective option

The cost of white oak flooring, especially wide plank oak hardwood, is generally cheaper compared to other hardwood types. Prices fluctuate annually due to factors such as abundance of supply, inclement weather, and logistics problems.

You have 2 options when installing hardwood floors. There’s the prefinished wide plank white oak flooring that has already been sealed, stained, and ready to go. The second is the wide plank unfinished oak flooring that has to be finished and stained on-site. The former is slightly more expensive than the latter. However, opting for the prefinished variety will save you more time during the installation process.

Choosing the best hardwood floors for your home or office space doesn’t have to be a challenge. White oak hardwood is a great contender for durable, affordable, and stylish floors. White oak hardwood is the perfect combination of rustic and modern. With its neutral colour spectrum and fine grains, it boasts a natural and cozy finish. With a few tweaks and alterations, white oak is versatile enough to suit any preference and vision.

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