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Floor Sanding Toronto

At Capital Hardwood Flooring, we know the best techniques to protect your floor from wear, dirt, and moisture. At Capital Hardwood Flooring, we offer the best techniques in hardwood floor sanding for Toronto establishments to restore the luxurious beauty of existing wood floors that will last throughout the years as a specialist in wood flooring, we can finish your wood floors to create a stunning appearance and bring out the wood’s natural beauty, character, and grain. Finishing hardwood gives texture and colour to your floors, as well as enhances its durability. To preserve the natural beauty of floors, our flooring experts apply wood floor oil or lacquer that will protect your floors from day-to-day wear and tear.

Dullness, scratches, water stains, dents, and other signs of general wear and tear are signs that it is high time to call a hardwood floor specialist. While there are plenty of options for revamping old wood floors, many homeowners simply do not know what works best for their homes and their budget.

To ensure the longevity and beauty of your hardwood flooring, it is absolutely crucial that only trained and experienced professionals. At Capital Hardwood Flooring, we offer the best techniques in hardwood floor sanding and refinishing to restore the luxurious beauty of your existing floor that will last throughout the years

Top Quality Wood Floor Sanding and Refinishing Services

Stunning engineered hardwood floors will eventually get dull, scratched, or even gouged, but you do not need to invest in new hardwood floor replacement. That is where our expertise comes in.

At Capital Hardwood Flooring, our team of wood flooring specialists does not only provide temporary solutions. We specialize in top-notch hardwood floor restoration. We bring in our expertise and years of experience in restoring all kinds of floors installed in residential and commercial buildings. 

Whether you require wood floor refinishing or dustless floor sanding service in Toronto, there is no job that is too big or small. We take pride in offering a wide range of flooring options, expert advice and attention to detail to ensure the most comfortable and stress-free services—99% eco-friendly, odour-free, and dust-free floor sanding services in Toronto. We have state-of-the-art dust minimization systems to ensure that the entire floor sanding and refinishing process is as safe and clean as possible

Wood Floor Refinishing Restoration Toronto

Most wood floors are available in pre-finished or semi-finished condition. Pre-finished wood flooring is finished before it is delivered to the customer. If you install this type of flooring, you don’t need to wait for the finish to dry and cure. Unfinished wood flooring, on the other hand, needs to be sanded flat and finished after installation.  Unfinished floors allow homeowners to finish their flooring the way they want. These floors are sealed using hard wax oils and lacquers that give a natural look. At Capital Hardwood Flooring, we make your floors more resilient by adding our own finish. There are various types of wood finishing options such as oil-based wood finishes, protective film, water-based, wax, oil-modified urethane, moisture-cured urethane, and water-based urethane. So, if you need the best wood floor finishing in Toronto, Capital Hardwood Flooring has the finest solution for your floors.

Why Consider Professional Hardwood Floor Refinishing?

Are you wondering when and why you should consider sanding and refinishing in Toronto? With proper care, hardwood floors can last for decades. However, your floors need to be sanded and refinished periodically to maintain their splendid appearance. As your floor ages, they start showing some signs of damage. So, if you notice lots of scratches, some gray boards, water or moisture damage, or fading and discoloration, it means it’s time to restore and refurbish your hardwood.

Refinishing your hardwood floors is one of the best options to bring the floors back to life. Over time, hardwood floors start to age and their quality deteriorates. But at Capital Hardwood Flooring, we can restore your wood floors to a like-new condition. Our hardwood refinishing process involves removing the existing finish of your wood floor and putting on a new coating. We also provide sanding services that will make your floors smoother and newer.

Our floor restoration services not only improve the appearance of your floors but also increase the value of your home. This is because flooring is one of your home’s biggest assets and restoring its looks can improve the resale value of your home. As an experienced flooring company, we use the best tools and appropriate techniques to keep your refinished floors looking their best for years to come.


Give us Capital Hardwood Flooring a call today at 416-536-2200 to request a quote. You call visit our newly renovated showroom to see our fine craftsmanship and samples of our high-quality flooring materials. Our friendly and professional staff will be happy to assist and provide expert advice on your next flooring sanding and refinishing project.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How much does wood floor sanding cost?

The cost of our wooden floor sanding services in Toronto will vary depending on the size of the floor and the type of floor finish to be used. 

  • Does refinishing hardwood floors creates plenty of dust?

In a normal setting, the process of refinishing your hardwood floor creates a tremendous amount of dust. With many floor sanding and refinishing companies offering quality flooring products and services, it is also crucial to hire the one that uses a dust containment system. At Capital Hardwood Flooring, we utilize the latest in dust containment equipment and methods to ensure that 99% of dust is contained during the sanding process.

  • How to find the best wood floor sanding “near me”?

Sanding and refinishing hardwood floors is a significant investment. That is why it is crucial to find the most professional floor company for the job. Here is a quick list of the things you should be looking for:

  • Positive reviews from previous customers:
  • Transparency about wood floor sanding and refinishing cost
  • Extensive flooring options and services
  • Flexibility to meet your timeline
  • Fully bonded and insured business and team
  • Good warranty policy

Luckily, if you want your floors sanded and refinished, you do not need to look further. Capital Hardwood Flooring has all the good qualities that you are looking for. Count on us to meet all your flooring project needs.


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