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Carpet vs. Hardwood: Which Is the Better Choice?


Carpet and hardwood are two distinct flooring materials with unique characteristics and different purposes. The carpet is a soft and budget-friendly option that is great if you want a comfy and quiet space. Hardwood floors, however, are natural and more durable, lasting longer than carpets. It may be a bit pricier, but it is a cost-effective and timeless option that also increases the value of your home.

Understand the qualities of both flooring options to determine the best material for your indoor space.


Carpets give off a comfortable and soft feeling

Carpets come in different colours and textures. It feels soft to the touch and adds a touch of comfort to a room, making it more inviting.

Hardwood flooring has unique colours and captivating grain patterns that vary depending on the wood type used. Hardwood flooring is bold and catches the eye while adding timeless elegance to any space. It’s a natural charm and classic appeal can create a stunning visual impact, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who enters the room.

Durability and Resistance

Modern carpets with synthetic fibres are highly resistant to water damage, but moisture can seep into the subfloor below, leading to mould. It’s practical to avoid carpets in wet areas like bathrooms and spill-prone kitchens. Carpets are also susceptible to heat damage from burning cigarettes or hot pans. Regular maintenance includes frequent vacuuming and immediate stain treatment. Professional deep cleaning helps prolong their lifespan.

Wood flooring is generally unsuitable for constant water or moisture exposure, but it works well in kitchens where spills can be quickly wiped up. Engineered wood flooring offers more stability in such situations. While hardwood floors can be stained by intense heat, minor scorch marks can be refinished. Hardwood floors can last decades and be sanded down and refinished multiple times. 

Maintenance and Cleaning

Carpet cleaning can become stubborn and difficult to remove as stains penetrate deep into the fibres. Dust and micro-bacteria easily get trapped in the carpet, making it a less desirable flooring option for individuals with allergies. However, routine maintenance for carpets is relatively simple and involves frequent vacuuming to keep them in good condition.

Hardwood flooring provides a much easier cleaning experience compared to carpet. You can effortlessly remove loose dirt by sweeping or vacuuming. For a deeper clean and to eliminate most stains, all you need to do is periodic cleaning with a damp mop and wood cleaner. You can also renew the varnish every few years. This involves lightly buffing the finish and applying a high-quality polyurethane varnish.


Installing a carpet involves a series of steps to ensure it fits properly and that the attachment is secure. First, an underlayment pad is attached using staples, and tack strips are nailed down along the room’s edges. The carpet is then rolled out, stretched, and hooked onto the tack strips to secure it around the perimeter. Special tools are used to stretch the carpet and trim it precisely. Heat-activated tape is placed below the seams. This process can be challenging, so it’s typically best left to professionals.

Hardwood flooring is typically installed row by row, starting from the longest and most visible wall. Each board is slid into the preceding one by connecting the edge grooves with the tongues. Nails or staples are then driven at an angle through the tongues and into the joists to secure the boards. If the unfinished flooring is sanded, stained, and top-coated with polyurethane varnish. However, nowadays, solid hardwood flooring is often prefinished at the factory, including engineered hardwood options. Professional installers are usually hired for hardwood flooring installation.


Hardwood floors will last for generations, costing less in the long run

Carpet is much more affordable than hardwood. While it needs to be replaced every few years, it is still a worthwhile expense because it is affordable. Higher-quality wool carpets cost as much as $20 per square foot. Carpets sold in home supply stores typically cost around $2 per square foot, including installation.

Typically, hardwood floors should cost more than carpet floors per square inch. However, hardwood is incredibly durable and, with proper maintenance, won’t need replacement until as many as 30 years into the future, making it the more cost-effective choice.

Resale Value

Carpeting is often regarded as an affordable and relatively short-lived flooring material. While it may not significantly increase real estate value, new carpeting can undoubtedly improve the appearance of a home. Its ability to provide underfoot comfort and sound insulation can also appeal to potential buyers.

In residential applications, hardwood flooring holds a distinct allure that surpasses carpeting. It is considered a high-end and luxurious option due to its natural beauty and remarkable durability. By selecting the right type of wood and finishes, hardwood floors can exude a sense of prestige and elevate the overall aesthetic of a space.


Carpets provide a soft and pleasant feeling underfoot. It creates a cozy and relaxing atmosphere, especially for bedrooms and family areas. It also provides warmth, particularly during chilly winter mornings, and can even contribute to the insulation of a room. Carpets have great sound absorption, reducing noise from footsteps. It also has a soft, cushioned surface that enhances safety from trips and falls. However, carpets can trap allergens and dust that can cause allergic reactions and respiratory issues.

Hardwood floors can be loud, especially on the upper floors. However, they are the primary choice for people with allergies. The material does not trap allergens, and pollutants can be easily swept or mopped. Hardwood is also an eco-friendly choice over carpets, as it is derived from trees that can be replanted and renewed.

While carpet floors are a decent choice, hardwood flooring outperforms carpet in almost every way, making it an exemplary option. 

If you want an eco-friendly flooring option, with great durability and cost-effectiveness, we have you covered. Engineered hardwood flooring in Toronto is the best option for your home. Capital Hardwood Flooring offers various hardwood flooring options, floor sanding, and finishing to cater to all your design preferences. Call now at 416-536-2200.

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